In addition to our enrichment classes, Parents for Carpenter also provides aides that support our classroom teachers and provide safety during recess and lunch, as well as a number of other programs.



PFC funding supports a credentialed education specialist, Mia Grayck, who works with small groups of students for language arts and math, helping to ensure students are learning grade-level standards. All students benefit from an enhanced teacher-to-student ration during the pullout period. Additionally, Mia works with individual students that are not meeting grade level standards to help them reach state proficiency levels.






Your donations to PFC helps fund full-time aides to help in the classroom as needed. The aides enable our teachers to work with smaller groups, giving more focused attention to the varied needs of all types of students on a daily/weekly basis. This program is coordinated with school administration and participating teachers. The aides also help at the morning valet line.



Your donations to Parents For Carpenter pay for an aide 15 hours per week to photocopy classroom handouts and learning materials for teachers at Carpenter. This service enables teachers and classroom aides to focus on students.



Funding from PFC and the PTA supports Carpenter's Disaster Preparedness Program, which ensures that the school possesses adequate supplies necessary for managing an emergency.



Funding from PFC donations help keep our campus safe and beautiful. Your donations pay for the weekly gardener, planting and seeding in the front of the school and maintaining the grassy field, campus upgrades and improvements, among other things.



Your Parents for Carpenter and PTA donations help pay for holiday gifts and a teacher lunch during a week-long school-wide event which include students, parents and administrators in a special celebration of Carpenter's dedicated teaching staff.



Working closely with each of Carpenter's teachers, the PFC provides every classroom teacher with $20 per student for the acquisition of educational materials required to support specialized curricula. Often this money, at the discretion of the classroom teacher, goes towards classroom supplies not covered by LAUSD, and enriched programs for the class.