Welcome Carpenter Families!


Welcome to our 2022-2023 school year! As we return to our new normal, I look forward to getting back into the full swing of all of the elements that make Carpenter the amazing community it has always been. That includes on-campus meetings, in-person performances, community celebrations, and much more. Most of these events are not possible without your support for PFC.


Who is PFC

Parents for Carpenter (PFC) is led by an all-volunteer group of devoted Carpenter families who raise over $700,000 annually to fund our award-winning enrichment program. We accomplish this task through fundraising events, community sponsorships, grants, and more. PFC's largest fundraiser is the Annual Giving Campaign (AGC). Inspired by the idea of uniting the community and working together to provide the best experience for our families, this year's AGC slogan is: "Making Everyday Count". 

That's what we aim to do and we hope to see you along our journey.


How to get involved

One way we’re reinforcing our sense of community at Carpenter is by continuing to enhance our new website: parentsforcarpenter.com.  This will be the place to find centralized information from PFC and other parent groups.  Here, in one location, you can get involved, make your donation to the

Annual Giving Campaign (AGC), and connect with other families.

Log in now and start your year off in 4 easy steps!



1) Register for the new website.

2) Fill out the volunteer interest form.

3) Take note of our upcoming meeting dates. We'd love to see you at our first meeting on September 14th  in the Parent Resource Room.

4) Donate to AGC - any amount is appreciated!



As the president, please know that I am always ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns you might have. I cannot wait to see you all on campus. Cheers to an amazing year!


Renece Salaam


Parents for Carpenter